What Hitchcock Got Wrong With “Marnie”

Recently, while researching another article, I came across this quote from filmmaker Anna Biller as she discussed films of the 1960’s and the men who made them. Of these she said: “those films were made for men’s pleasure. They didn’t include women as a viewer or spectator, whereas a movie like Marnie does” (Patterson 1).… Continue reading What Hitchcock Got Wrong With “Marnie”

“Mudd’s Women” and a Brief Look at Gender in “Star Trek”

  Gene Roddenberry created the wonderful world of Star Trek which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.  The late Roddenberry remains seen as a beloved visionary who created a progressive idea of a future with no racism, no poverty, and no war.  That world was better fleshed out and given greater ideological dimensions through other writers,… Continue reading “Mudd’s Women” and a Brief Look at Gender in “Star Trek”

Occurrence at the “Carnival of Souls”

Carnival of Souls is a 1962 low budget horror film that, over time, developed a cult following.  Its creepy visuals and dreamlike story have continued to give this film’s viewers an unforgettable experience.  While Carnival of Souls did influence the works of directors George A. Romero and David Lynch, it is important to look at… Continue reading Occurrence at the “Carnival of Souls”