Women in Prison: The Big Doll House

After finishing off the fifth season of “Orange is the New Black,” I’ve found myself in the mood to revisit some classics of the Women in Prison (WiP) genre of films. Years ago, when I had first started Geek Juice, I’d done an entire month of articles, videos, podcasts all about Women in Prison, where I… Continue reading Women in Prison: The Big Doll House

From the Archives – Punishment Park

Throwback Thursday. Here is an article I wrote back in May of 2012 looking at the film Punishment Park. Punishment Park is a pseudo-documentary about what would have (or could have) happened during the height of anti-war protests and the counter-culture movement of Nixon’s presidency.  A voice over from the film’s director gives us the following… Continue reading From the Archives – Punishment Park

From the Archive : “Born Innocent”

Welcome to “Throwback Thursday,” where once a week (or less) I decide to post a re-written article that originally appeared on Geek Juice.  This article, about the film Born Innocent was originally published on February 08, 2012.  I choose this movie because I’ve been doing research into juvenile justice lately and happened to be thinking… Continue reading From the Archive : “Born Innocent”