The Problems With Creating a Female “Lord of the Flies”

According to the news site Deadline Hollywood, Warner Bros. announced that they have hired Scott McGhee and David Siegel to write and direct a contemporized all-female adaptation of William Golding’s 1954 novel Lord of the Flies.  According to Scott McGhee, “taking the opportunity to tell the story in a way that hasn’t been told before,… Continue reading The Problems With Creating a Female “Lord of the Flies”

The Problem of a “Gay” Babadook

Recently, due to an error on Netflix’s part, the 2014 Australian horror film, The Babadook, was listed under LGBT films. The film, about a single mother and her struggles as they involve an evil monster (the eponymous Babadook) bent on destroying her child, is anything but an LGBT-themed film. However, when a photo of Netflix’s… Continue reading The Problem of a “Gay” Babadook

History and its “Hidden Figures”

Hidden Figures is a film dealing with the accomplishments of intelligent women of color and their work with the early days of NASA during a critical era during the struggle for Civil Rights. The title itself has two meanings: one is a reference to the math necessary to successfully launch a manned satellite, the other… Continue reading History and its “Hidden Figures”

“Mudd’s Women” and a Brief Look at Gender in “Star Trek”

  Gene Roddenberry created the wonderful world of Star Trek which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.  The late Roddenberry remains seen as a beloved visionary who created a progressive idea of a future with no racism, no poverty, and no war.  That world was better fleshed out and given greater ideological dimensions through other writers,… Continue reading “Mudd’s Women” and a Brief Look at Gender in “Star Trek”